Oh Mummy!

       Oh Mummy....<3

You are wonderful
Mummy I love you
And I really do

You hug me
And y0u make me smile
I am glad to be your daughter..

You teach me from wrong to right
No one can replace y0u..
I love y0u forever..

Y0u are my sweetheart..
Y0u are my heaven..
0h mummy, y0u're so wonderful~

Umi! <3
Selamat Hari Ibu..
Kak cik Sayang Umi!
Ayah sy, sy dan umi sy! yg lain? umm..hehe..s0ri yee~

p/s : sy tau hari ibu dah lepas..tp sy tetap nak post !
Thanks For Reading !

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